Issue 2009
apr 3, 2009
apr 3, 2009


Tcheka is undoubtedly a young master of an art that he has invented, his music resists any easy categorization or comparison.

apr 3, 2009

Meddy Gerville

Each step in Meddy Gerville's musical journey has led him towards his unique fusion of jazz with the rhythms of his native island and explains his tremendous originality.

apr 3, 2009

Ba Cissoko

Ba Cissoko is the last born of a long lineage of griots, master singers and agile string pluckers.

apr 4, 2009
apr 4, 2009


With his husky voice and irresistible blend of various music and anthems, Lenine has been called Brazil's answer to Prince.

apr 4, 2009

Mario Lucio

Mário Lúcio Sousa has a degree in Law, and worked as a lawyer for ten years, but he left the profession in order to dedicate himself entirely to art.

apr 5, 2009
apr 5, 2009

Regis Gizavo

Régis Gizavo, one of the last custodians of Madagascar's traditional music heritage, has developed a unique accordion-playing style, reworking the renitra for modern ears.

apr 5, 2009

Jorge Reyes

In tribute to Orestes Lopez Cacho and Chano Pozo.

apr 5, 2009

Yuri Buenaventura

All his albums testify his audacious explorations of his Latin American heritage and its African roots.

Issue 2010
apr 8, 2010 - start at 8 pm - C.Cultural Português
apr 8, 2010

Vasco Martins

Festival opening night with a Vasco Martins's piano solo concert

apr 9, 2010 - start at 8 pm - Praça Dr. Antonio Lereno
apr 9, 2010

Kim Alves

Kim's music is practically a cultural compilation of national rhythms which include Ladainha, Batuku, Morna, Coladera, Finaçon, Tabanka and Funana.

apr 9, 2010

Mario Canonge

In duet with Ralph Thamar. Mario Canonge has established an international reputation as a brilliant virtuoso pianist. But his talent goes much further than this. The Martiniquan star has proved to have an amazing ability to adapt his piano-playing to a wide variety of genres. Jazz, zouk, salsa, you name it, Canonge will play it !

apr 9, 2010

Ralph Thamar

In duet with Mario Canonge. Ralph Thamar, who made his name performing with the group Malavoi, has gone on to enjoy a successful solo career as a Caribbean crooner, delighting female fans with his highly sensual vocals

apr 9, 2010

Rene Lacaille

René Lacaille masters all sorts of drums, accordion, guitar, and saxophone. The countless nights that René spent playing professionally, combined with new music arriving from other shores, provided a variety of influences for him, and his own compositions informed by flamenco, salsa, blues, rock, jazz and fusion.

apr 9, 2010

Kora Jazz Trio

Behind the Kora Jazz Trio, there is a connection between Mandingo musical tradition and the freedom of jazz, a kora interacting with West African percussions and Afro-American swing, the griot and the blue note's palaver.

apr 10, 2010 - start at 8 pm - Praça Dr. Antonio Lereno
apr 10, 2010


With his own style and influences, Princezito is a nice tribute to traditional rythms of Cape Verde.

apr 10, 2010

Tumi & the Volume

In just over a year the group has managed to create a distinct musical accent that includes blends of samba, swing, hip hop, reggae and poetry that speaks to the unique reality of the South African experience and still relates to the world in that universal way that only beauty can.

apr 10, 2010

Jaques Morelenbaum & Cello Samba Trio

The brazilian hits revisited in a intimate feeling of chamber music

apr 10, 2010

Manhattan Transfer

Four voices singing in harmony since more than 35 years

Issue 2011
apr 13, 2011 - Festival Free - Nova rua piedonal
apr 13, 2011 » 20:00

Remna Schwarz

apr 13, 2011 » 21:05


A surprising fusion of worldwide and creol influences

apr 13, 2011 » 22:10

Vera Cruz

Singer / Composer / Lyrical Interpreter / and Stage Performer, Vera Cruz presents her latest project Sakuta!

apr 13, 2011 » 23:15

Lexxus Legal

apr 14, 2011 - Festival Free - Nova rua piedonal
apr 14, 2011 » 20:00

Gaita Ferro

apr 14, 2011 » 21:05

Ensemble Hot Clube Portugal

Trio trumpet / guitar /double bass

apr 14, 2011 » 22:10

Cordas do Sol

The most famous band of Santo Antão island does its comeback with some very smooth melodies.

apr 14, 2011 » 23:15

Ferro Gaita

Born in 1996 in Santiago island, the band Ferro Gaita has build its own sound using rythms and colors of the traditional music.

apr 15, 2011
apr 15, 2011 » 20:00


A romantic Capeverdean singer whose name has not yet crossed the natural borders of the archipelago...

apr 15, 2011 » 21:05

Alain Jean-Marie

Alain Jean-Marie is an emblematic figure of jazz and Caribbean music. The musicians know him, they often use his unique touch: Chet Baker, Johnny Griffin, Lee Konitz, Clark Terry, Abbey Lincoln, Dee Dee Bridgewater.

apr 15, 2011 » 22:10

Yamandu Costa

A true legend of the Brazilian guitar, Yamandu Costa grew up with his musician father and leader of the band Fronteiriços.

apr 15, 2011 » 23:15

Boubacar Traore

Boubacar Traoré carries within him all the beauty of African blues. A diamond among the jewels of Mandingo music, he shines with the dark glow of exceptional purity

apr 16, 2011
apr 16, 2011 » 20:00

Hernani Almeida

A magical acoustic experience, this is what Cape-Verdean guitarist, Hernani Almeida, offers the listener of his second solo album, “Caalma”.

apr 16, 2011 » 21:05

Tania Libertad

Tania Libertad is known to be a singer who moves an audience with the emotion in her voice. Libertad considers herself an old soul who has many memories and emotion

apr 16, 2011 » 22:10

Cindy Blackman Santana

She has left the rock to come back to her favourite style : the jazz

apr 16, 2011 » 23:15

Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars

featuring special guest David Sanchez
Maraca was several times nominated for the US Grammys, and won many prizes during the past CubaDisco awards in Cuba.

Issue 2012
apr 12, 2012
apr 12, 2012 » 20:00

Tradison de Terra

This Batucadeira crew will take you on a brand new trip to the rythm and sound of the cloth, of the txabeta for a life experience.

apr 12, 2012 » 20:45


Singer, guitar player, composer and music teacher, BoB sings batuko, morna, funana and coladera.

apr 12, 2012 » 21:45

Kola Beat

The reggae band from the Cape Verdean capital city, lead by singer Janet.

apr 12, 2012 » 22:50

Sia Tolno

Winner of the latest "RFI prix découvertes", Sia Tolno is said to be the new great female voice of Africa

apr 12, 2012 » 00:10

Mirri Lobo

Four solo albums for that beautiful capeverdean voice back on stage since 2011.

apr 13, 2012
apr 13, 2012 » 21:20

Mario Laginha

(with Tcheka)
Pianist and composer, he is one of the most creative contemporary jazz musicians of Portugal.

apr 13, 2012 » 20:00

Mayra Andrade

These last years, the capeverdean singer has defined her path exploring less travelled ways

apr 13, 2012 » 22:40

Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal

With the kora or with the cello, the same desire to share all their vast knowledge.

apr 13, 2012 » 00:00

Cedric Watson & Bijou Creole

Violinist, accordionist and singer Cédric Watson revives old-school Louisiana Creole music with his band Bijou Creole.

apr 14, 2012
apr 14, 2012 » 20:00

Tavares Brothers

Successful American R&B, disco, funk and soul music group, composed of Cape Verdean-American brothers from New Bedford

apr 14, 2012 » 21:20

Thurgot Theodat (with Ku4rtet)

Ku4rtet is a brand new jazz band from Mindelo

apr 14, 2012 » 22:40

Manu Dibango

Now considered as the best African musician in activity

apr 14, 2012 » 00:00


Currently one of the main acts in the French West Indies, such a phenomenon hadn't been seen since Kassav.

Issue 2013
apr 10, 2013 Sacem's Night - Auditorio Nacional
apr 10, 2013 » 21:30

Ze Luis

Ze Luis is a charismatic singer, he has a warm voice that catches. At 60 years old, he comes with a first album entitled Serenata, after singing for many years in the local Cape Verde parties.

apr 10, 2013 » 22:00

Dominique Fillon

With an natural sense of music, this trio reinvents jazz in a great walk through the world of music, mixing skillfully in its compositions and improvisations the Spanish and Brazilian rhythms.

apr 10, 2013 » 23:15

Giovanni Mirabassi

Pianist, he has accompanied Chet Baker, Stefano di Battista, Flavio Boltro and Daniel Humair. Giovanni Mirabassi embodies an approach to jazz that combines clarity, beauty and refinement.

apr 10, 2013 » 23:15

Kim Alves

Author, multi-instrumentalist, arranger, composer, Kim Alves attended faithfully all the battles to preserve the music of his country.

apr 10, 2013 » 23:15

Manuel de Candinho

Cape verdean composer, producer, singer and instrumentalist, Manuel di Candinho began to write his first compositions since his youth. With different approaches to the international scenes, he performed with the greatests voices of the archipelago.

apr 10, 2013 » 23:15

Jenifer Solidade

Young singer with a hoarse voice and an amazing style!

apr 11, 2013 - Festival Free - Nova rua piedonal
apr 11, 2013 » 20:00

Rui Cruz

Rui Cruz, cape verdean singer and musician, can not longer pass unnoticed in the art world. A contagious rhythm that follows its African origins through a unique voice that can make a difference in the music field.

apr 11, 2013 » 20:45

Berklee School Of Music

A trio of Berklee Music School, this establishment recognized as the best school of music of the USA. The trio's music includes a unique blend of afro-brazilian, jazz, gospel, and soul all performed in the acoustic intimacy of the classic trio piano-double bass-drum.

apr 11, 2013 » 21:30

Isa Pereira

Charming cape verdean singer, her voice reveals a deep and creative feeling that presents the traditional music of Cape Verde, that her engaged audience enjoys very much.

apr 11, 2013 » 22:15


& Cordas do Sol
Her presence gave an extra sparkle to the Santo Antão's band Cordas do Sol. Ceuzany has released her new album "Nha Vida" and she reveals her powerful voice and a unique potential of interpretation.

apr 11, 2013 » 23:00


& Okwess International
Leader of a group of musicians from 11 provinces of Congo, Jupiter has acquired the stature of international artist. He infuses funk and urban grooves to the mythical Congolese rumba.

apr 12, 2013
apr 12, 2013 » 20:00

Carmen Souza

Carmen Souza and her long-time collaborator Theo Pas'cal have just recorded «Kachupada» between London and Lisboa. A music style which links the world and the jazz, and a very strong African heritage.

apr 12, 2013 » 21:30


Malagasy or Indian music, African drumming, Creole texts : its style is the reflection of the Reunion island, mixed culture.

apr 12, 2013 » 22:40

Jerry Gonzalez

& Los Comandos de la Clave
With 4 Grammy Nominations, 2 Latin Grammy nominations, 19 solo albums, Jerry González is one of the leading figures in the world of Latin Jazz !

apr 12, 2013 » 00:00

Pierre Akendengue

Pierre Akendengue is one of the greatest lyricists of francophone Africa, belonging to a rare line of committed poets. He comes back in 2013 with the album Destinée, signing a remarkable career that made him a legend of African music.

apr 13, 2013
apr 13, 2013 » 20:00

Nancy Vieira & Joana Amendoeira

The meeting of two exceptional voices : Morna and Fado, Cape Verde and Portugal.

apr 13, 2013 » 21:30

Gangbe Brass Band

Joyful spirit, Gangbé Brass Band is a band of musicians trained in the art of saxophone, trumpet and trombone, mixing elements of jazz and African cultures.

apr 13, 2013 » 22:40

Leo Gandelman

Saxophonist, composer, producer and arranger, music has always been present in the life of Leo Gandelman. He is mostly influenced by jazz and the folk music of Brazil.

apr 13, 2013 » 00:00

Bettye Lavette

Legend of soul music, she has a powerful and singular voice. Bettye LaVette will be at the Kriol Jazz Festival for an irresistible travel in various styles of American music.

Issue 2014
apr 10, 2014 For guests only - Parliament
apr 10, 2014 » 20:00

Maya Kamaty

The young artist ended up blazing her own trail between traditional maloya and more personal musical flavors.

apr 10, 2014 » 20:00


Tcheka is undoubtedly a young master of an art that he has invented, his music resists any easy categorization or comparison.

apr 10, 2014 » 21:30

Ron Savage Trio

A trio from this recognized as one of the best school in the world in the field of Jazz.

apr 10, 2014 » 22:00

Cesaria Evora Orchestra

Share the stage around Cesaria's repertoire is the beautiful argument that gave life to the Spirit of Cesaria's project.

apr 11, 2014 - Praça Luis Camões
apr 11, 2014 » 20:00

Carlos Mendes

Graduated from the School of Jazz Porto in Jazz guitar, he leads a quartet that broaches varied (original, traditional, modern) répertoires.

apr 11, 2014 » 20:00

Candida Rose

Vocal artist Candida Rose captivates her audiences with the golden aura of her radiant presence and her uniquely compelling voice.

apr 11, 2014 » 21:30


The undisputed and charismatic ambassador of the Angolan music

apr 11, 2014 » 22:40

Habib Koite

With unique approaches to playing the guitar as if it was a kamale n'goni, Habib plays music that sounds close to the blues or flamenco.

apr 11, 2014 » 00:00

Ismael Lo

African Bob Dylan
Better known to world music fans as the "African Bob Dylan", he has revolutionised the traditional sound of Senegalese M'balax.

apr 12, 2014 - Praça Luis Camões
apr 12, 2014 » 20:00

Sara Tavares

This year Sara celebrates her 20 years career! Born out second generation Cape Verdian immigrants, Sara grew up n Portugal between two cultures.

apr 12, 2014 » 21:30

Kenny Garrett

Over the course of a stellar career that has spanned more than 30 years, saxophonist Kenny Garrett has become the preeminent alto saxophonist of his generation. 

apr 12, 2014 » 22:40

Monty Alexander

In a career spanning five decades, pianist Monty Alexander has built a reputation exploring and bridging the worlds of American jazz, popular song, and the music of his native Jamaica, finding in each a sincere spirit of musical expression.

apr 12, 2014 » 00:00

Chico Cesar

Revealed in 1995, his compositions are a mix of social criticism and humor, with strong musical influences of the folklore of the northeast.

Issue 2015
apr 4, 2015
apr 4, 2015 » 20:30

Manuel Candinho

Cape verdean composer, producer, singer and instrumentalist, Manuel di Candinho performed with the greatests voices of the archipelago.

apr 4, 2015 » 21:40

Helder Pelada Rodrigues

apr 4, 2015 » 00:10

Elida Almeida

New artist discovered in 2014, her voice and her songs charmed her country.

apr 9, 2015
apr 9, 2015 » 20:30

Ron Savage Trio

A trio from Berklee, recognized as one of the best school in the world in the field of Jazz.

apr 9, 2015 » 21:40

Airelle Besson

With Nelson Veras
Duo with the brazilian guitarist Nelson Veras

apr 9, 2015 » 22:50

Raphaele Atlan

Raphaële Atlan sings and plays piano... Between compositions and french variety standards, she knows perfectly how to gather harmony in a show !

apr 10, 2015
apr 10, 2015 » 20:30

Dino d'Santiago & Fabia Rebordao

A new fusion between traditional rhythms and fado.

apr 10, 2015 » 21:40

Jowee Omicil

Multi instrumentalist, composer, producer Jowee Omicil brings a novel and distinctly Afro-Haitian perspective to his music.

apr 10, 2015 » 22:50

Richard Bona

One of the world’s best bassist, and an absolute master with a distinctive and unique style.

apr 11, 2015
apr 11, 2015 » 20:30


She will go up on the scene of the festival to share its new songs recorded for her next album.

apr 11, 2015 » 21:40

Reis Demuth Wiltgen Trio

This trio is part of a fast growing jazz scene in Luxembourg. These three talents sweep the audience along with their vigorous music.

apr 11, 2015 » 22:50


Caetano Veloso (himself) said about her : Céu is the future of Brazilian Popular Music.

apr 11, 2015 » 00:10

Esperanza Spalding

Jazz bassist, cellist and singer, she has won four Grammy Awards, making her the first jazz artist to win the Award for Best New Artist.

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04/10/2010 Princezito
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04/12/2013 Ziskakan

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