This trio is part of a fast growing jazz scene in Luxembourg. These three talents sweep the audience along with their vigorous music.

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Issue 2011
apr 13, 2011 - Festival Free - Nova rua piedonal
apr 13, 2011 » 20:00

Remna Schwarz

apr 13, 2011 » 21:05


A surprising fusion of worldwide and creol influences

apr 13, 2011 » 22:10

Vera Cruz

Singer / Composer / Lyrical Interpreter / and Stage Performer, Vera Cruz presents her latest project Sakuta!

apr 13, 2011 » 23:15

Lexxus Legal

apr 14, 2011 - Festival Free - Nova rua piedonal
apr 14, 2011 » 20:00

Gaita Ferro

apr 14, 2011 » 21:05

Ensemble Hot Clube Portugal

Trio trumpet / guitar /double bass

apr 14, 2011 » 22:10

Cordas do Sol

The most famous band of Santo Antão island does its comeback with some very smooth melodies.

apr 14, 2011 » 23:15

Ferro Gaita

Born in 1996 in Santiago island, the band Ferro Gaita has build its own sound using rythms and colors of the traditional music.

01:00 - Prainha

Jam Session

Conducted by Abel Marcel
apr 15, 2011
apr 15, 2011 » 20:00


A romantic Capeverdean singer whose name has not yet crossed the natural borders of the archipelago...

apr 15, 2011 » 21:05

Alain Jean-Marie

Alain Jean-Marie is an emblematic figure of jazz and Caribbean music. The musicians know him, they often use his unique touch: Chet Baker, Johnny Griffin, Lee Konitz, Clark Terry, Abbey Lincoln, Dee Dee Bridgewater.

apr 15, 2011 » 22:10

Yamandu Costa

A true legend of the Brazilian guitar, Yamandu Costa grew up with his musician father and leader of the band Fronteiriços.

apr 15, 2011 » 23:15

Boubacar Traore

Boubacar Traoré carries within him all the beauty of African blues. A diamond among the jewels of Mandingo music, he shines with the dark glow of exceptional purity

01:00 - Prainha

Jam Session

Conducted by Abel Marcel
apr 16, 2011
apr 16, 2011 » 20:00

Hernani Almeida

A magical acoustic experience, this is what Cape-Verdean guitarist, Hernani Almeida, offers the listener of his second solo album, “Caalma”.

apr 16, 2011 » 21:05

Tania Libertad

Tania Libertad is known to be a singer who moves an audience with the emotion in her voice. Libertad considers herself an old soul who has many memories and emotion

apr 16, 2011 » 22:10

Cindy Blackman Santana

She has left the rock to come back to her favourite style : the jazz

apr 16, 2011 » 23:15

Maraca & his Latin Jazz All Stars

featuring special guest David Sanchez
Maraca was several times nominated for the US Grammys, and won many prizes during the past CubaDisco awards in Cuba.

01:00 - Prainha

Jam Session

Conducted by Abel Marcel

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