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Raphaele Atlan

Raphaële Atlan sings and plays piano... Between compositions and french variety standards, she knows perfectly how to gather harmony in a show !

The edition 2012

Cape Verde - On stage: apr 12, 2012

Four solo albums for that beautiful capeverdean voice back on stage since 2011.
As composer and performer, Mirri Lobo revealed his talent at an early age, having started in 1980 as lead singer of Djarama. In 1987 he records first album entitled Alma Violão, which met great success with special emphasis on the interpretation of the warm Bela.

In 1988 he recorded his second album Matchamor, also produced by Dany Silva, then in 1995, his third album produced by Ramiro Mendes and MB Records Inc. label, entitled Paranoia.

In 1998, integrating the music group Mobafuco, he writes Nos Raça with the label Lusafrica.

In 2011, without ever really disappeared from the musical and cultural life, Mirri Lobo came back with the album Caldera Preta including the works of contemporary composers (Betu, Toy Vieira, Mario Lucio, To Alves).

The success of the title Encmenda Terra propelled him again on stages and on all radios in the country ; the youth discovers one of the best male voices.

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