A new fusion between traditional rhythms and fado.

The edition 2009

Guinée-Bissau - On stage: apr 3, 2009

Ba Cissoko is the last born of a long lineage of griots, master singers and agile string pluckers.
When born a Cissoko, one is a kora player. The Guinean Ba Cissoko perpetuates a more than centenary history.

He knows all the codes and secrets of tradition. He estimates its reach, for posterity, but he isn’t the kind of artist who reproduces the work of his illustrious elders, starting with his uncle, M’Bady Kouyaté, who passed him his knowledge on since he was a child, and transmitted to him his entire patrimony.

Since then, Ba Cissoko has emancipated himself without ever breaking that link, renewing his instrument’s approach while refining his knowledge of the art and of the good manners of storytelling.

That’s exactly what’s at stake with this new album. To project himself in the future without ever forgetting that glorious past Ba Cissoko speaks about contemporary issues, about burning questions, about his daily life as a musician who goes all around the planet.

That’s how he paints a perfect picture of the post-modern griot. This man is just as firmly rooted in his family’s earth as he is opened to other’s possibilities.

In 2006, he is fructifying all the experiences he acquired on the sinuous path that leads towards artistic blossoming.

He has built himself a name in the field of music, and has affirmed his musical personality : his boiling shows, setting your feet afire and burning your head, easily prove it.

A pure organic electroshock administered to stereotypes. "To modernize the mandigue tradition to better spread it; to transgress it, to really honour it" Hence “Electric Griot Land”, a wink to Jimmi Hendrix’s vision, who adjusted his blues origins to his time.

That’s Ba Cissoko’s musical process, who was just born when the guitarist was starting on his revolution. He explodes the canons of tradition, crashes into them with electric and eclectic influences.

By his side, a trio perfectly in phase with his desires, a “family story” : his two cousins, Kourou the elder on bass and bolon, and Sékou, the young prodigy who blows the kora with saturated effects, and Konkouré, a percussionist who creates an incredible infra-bass line.

From this alchemy gushes an original sap, a mixture of soul flavours, pop perfumes… In addition to this basic recipe, a few spices come along : the Malian Amadou Bagayoko, the Ivorian Tiken Jah Fakoly, the Nubians… just to enhance this fantastic gumbo, sprung out from a pot, in which, of course, we find Ba’s grandmother’s harvest, Conakry’s asphalt, the bards of panafricanism and the Amazons of Guinea.

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